"As a writer, Diane Namm creates a world in which you want to be a part of!
As a director she commands an environment in which actors can thrive.
Working with Diane is a joy and a pleasure, there is thoughtful care,
meaning and total respect in every part of the work at hand.
I am a huge fan!"
-Kristen Dalton
(The Departed, CSI NY, Stephen King's Dead Zone)
"Diane Namm has such a strong sense of story as a writer,
which is matched by her skill and passion as a director"
-Chris Mulkey
(Boardwalk Empire, Justified, The Glades)
"Comedy or drama--and together we've done both--
Diane's a writer/director with a clear vision who brings out the best in everyone."
-Ray Abruzzo
(Sopranos, In Plain Sight, The Practice, House of Sand and Fog)
"Diane Namm is an Actor's director, full of passion and empathy.
She supports and values talent everywhere she finds it.
It is an honor to work with her, and an even bigger honor
to call her my friend"
-Ivy Isenberg, Casting Director
"Diane's storytelling is substantial and rich,
significant to the world in which we live;
her detailed narrative captivates actors and her delight and passion
for directing make working with her an enriching and fabulous experience."
-Darby Stanchfield
(Mad Men, Castle, Scandal)
"Diane was seamless to work with. She was wide open to interpretation and ideas
but with a clear vision. She made me feel so comfortable and important at
the same time. Would love to work with her again!"
-Andy Mackenzie, important actor (just kidding)
(True Blood, Bones, Burn Notice)
"Diane writes beautiful, important films, produced at the highest
professional and artistic level. I highly recommend her
Writing and Directing skills.”
-Eric Mofford, Producer
"I absolutely adore Diane Namm! Not only is she the consummate
"actor's director," but her vision and voice speaks to the things that resonate within me! Whenever I am involved with a
Diane Namm project, I know that not only will I entertain an audience, but my work will leave them with something that will
help shape the way they look at their world, and most importantly, themselves."
-Rafael Noblé
"Working with Diane on FINDING HOPE was an absolute pleasure!
She is a director with an innate confidence,who creates a safe environment
for an actor to take chances and feel like a true collaborator, allowing everyone on set
to maximize their creativity and generate their best work.
I cannot wait to work with her again!"
-Christine Elise
(90210, Prom, Saving Grace, Cold Case, Law & Order)