Lady Caroline/Hart-UK PSA


HART - Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust: A look at Baroness of Queensbury, Lady Caroline Cox, who brings international rescue and relief where larger organizations fear to tread.

I met Lady Caroline through my work on THE SACRIFICE. She's one of the world's leading advocates against child slavery, female oppression, and has worked ceaselessly to bring relief, rescue and rehabilitation to the dark corners of the world where few international-relief organizations are willing to venture. As Speaker in the House of Lords for the past twenty years, Lady Caroline was appointed Baroness of Queensbury by Margaret Thatcher. To quote her own words, "She is a nurse by training, a social scientist by profession, and a Baroness by astonishment!" Currently an advocate against and proponent of a law that will limit the abuses of Sharia Law, Lady Caroline is always at the forefront of preventing injustice, giving a voice to the voiceless. It's been my privilege and honor to document Lady Caroline on her often dangerous journeys within Armenia, Burma, India, Sudan, East Timor and Nigeria. The PSA is the teaser for a longer documentary illustrating the Lady's noble efforts around the world.