A telemarketer phone-duels with a mobster wannabe.



Where did the idea for a phone-conversation duel come from? Facebook, of course. I'd heard an "audio spoof" on a telemarketer, in which someone pretends to be a sheriff at a crime scene when he answers a telemarketer's call. I commented on the link, "Great idea for a short film." Coincidentally, so did Jan Militello. I asked her if she'd like to write a script, and I'd direct it. Three days later -- she sent me a first draft. As the script evolved, I decided it would make a great 'teaser' for a web comedy series I'd been working on (Two Hitmen) -- and hence, TELEMAFIA was born. I asked two friends of mine, Ray Abruzzo (SOPRANOS) and Jeff Richards (SNL, FLASH FORWARD) to star. Two months later we were on a two-day shoot on a zero-budget out of my garage and the halfway-rennovated location house that I'd used for THE SACRIFICE. The rest is TELEMAFIA history, and soon to come is Two Hitmen.




Director's Commentary