Finding Hope - Action Trailer 03_14_12 from Diane Namm.




A child bride becomes a teen fugitive and navigates life on the streets.


The FINDING HOPE shoot was all about capturing lightning in a bottle. Fifty people working tirelessly, 12 hours a day in an 8-day torrential rainstorm (the worst in LA's history). Cast and crew, generous with their expertise, their talent and their hearts, were stretched to their emotional and physical limits -- and all because they believed in the story we were telling. The myriad of production challenges: Esmee's train jump, the cellar with Tyler, the Rev's office, the bus to Port Authority were met and addressed above and beyond what a director usually gets on a low-budget shoot. It was, on every level, the most challenging and rewarding shoot I've directed to date. We're determined to do it again! Either as an independent film or a television series. Stay tuned for updates. Let us know if YOU want to be involved!



Director's Commentary