The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is a film, inspired by dozens of true stories, about what happens on the day a cult leader comes to take a 13-year-old girl as his bride.



THE SACRIFICE was my film directing debut. And it was literally, trial by fire. We had three days to get every shot I wanted -- interior and exterior. Beauty shots included. Luckily, I had the best cast and crew a first-time film director could dream of. Because there was no going back. We shot at a house in Malibu, up one of the canyons. Six weeks after the shoot, Malibu suffered one of the worst wildfires it had seen in many years. The location house and the surrounding area were the hardest hit: burnt and blackened hills, and the location house ripped in half by the raging fire. If we hadn't gotten every shot, we'd have no movie. The one bright note -- once the house was rennovated and remodeled, we were able to use it as the location for the continuation of the story in FINDING HOPE.